We Find Value and Reduce Costs One Connected Asset at a Time.

Assets Edge helps businesses, lenders and service providers manage and control capital equipment (CapEx) inventory, and the associated services (OpEx) that make these assets work. Our process and systems reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), increase resale value, and reduce future liabilities.

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How We Do It

Our AI-driven process dissects and analyzes the key components that render equipment and connected services valuable. By capturing, comparing, and analyzing crucial data, we provide actionable insights to maximize value and minimize risks. Our approach involves understanding the intrinsic value of equipment and services, separating and analyzing both to uncover true value and how to capitalize upon this knowledge.

The Day the Music Died

Assets Edge was born amidst the 2007 financial crisis, where misaligned and obscured asset values nearly toppled the U.S. and global financial markets. Widespread real estate failures and the collapse of small businesses, accompanied by devastating layoffs, exposed the urgent need to understand and manage assets with clarity. Our advanced AI and blockchain technology delivers true asset value by connecting disparate data with programs essential for investors, lenders, and businesses.

What we do

Asset Management Services

We help businesses remove the operational friction from distressed, off-lease, replacement, or end-of-life capital assets. This includes managing assets available for sale, transfer, liquidation or disposal, as the basis of a sale, merger, divestiture, reorg., or liquidity event.

Asset Alignment Technology

We connect Assets, Experts and Project processes to impact asset value, future recurring costs, and “long tail” liabilities. The EDGE platform and CAMP mobile app align project resources and the data that follows an asset on its journey from cradle to grave.

http://www.lockerops.comLogistics Project Intelligence

Our programs bring together logistics and operational capabilities by bringing critical assets, products and project supplies to Experts in the field (LockerOps). We also securely distributing products to customers anywhere, anytime and anyplace through our digital vending program.

Simplifying Asset Compliance from Origination to Termination

Don’t leave due diligence, reimbursement of guarantee’s, or orderly liquidation inventory to chance. Let Assets Edge help you evaluate, secure, manage, market, transfer or sell your assets with our field tested process.

Introducing CAMP

Whether you’re managing, buying , selling, repurposing, recycling, or deploying assets across the country or the globe, our asset category experts orchestrate product availability, service providers, project timelines, cloud and mobile platforms, and the flow of information across internal and external project experts. Welcome to CAMP (Capital Asset Mobile Platform), a Mobile First asset management platform that aligns Assets, Experts and Projects.

Experts that Evaluate “Value” is our Difference

It takes a lifetime of experience to understand industries, categories and the industry professionals who have the right to speak about capital equipment, parts, distribution, and the technology services that tie it all together.

We Call Them Experts. You Call Them Life Savers.

To perform national and global projects, we must have teams of category or industry specific experts that understand capital equipment and the subscription services clients utilize. Armed with incredible talent and CAMP Mobile we bring Accountability to a whole new level. We’ve changed the game!

Managing Recurring Service Costs

Many businesses overlook the hidden service costs associated with capital assets, often underestimating the critical services needed for optimal function. Let us help you uncover the connections between your capital equipment and the escalating service costs that drive them. Our free evaluation empowers you to take control of your equipment (CapEx) and operations (OpEx) budget.