Distressed Asset Backed Investments. Maximize your return. Understand Use of Funds.

The financial crisis forever changed businesses, and those who lived through disappearing cashflow, job loss, and wiped out asset values, while banks were in a free fall liquidity crisis that brought the U.S. and the highly correlated global economy to the edge of collapse. The loss of confidence in institutions and the value of underlying securitized assets created a “domino effect” that interestingly continues to play out in 2022 with more liquidity to control inflation, but questionable underlying asset valuations.

We believe that Investors can benefit in both boom and bust and bull and bear markets which is why we created “Deal Asset Management.” A back to the basics way to control costs and returns on a deal by deal basis, using the Assets Edge Platform to understand the details behind every transaction. If you have an interest in DAM, contact us at 650-999-0333 or send an email to with investment in the subject line.

How do I participate or invest in Assets Edge?2022-09-20T16:45:42+00:00

Assets Edge has 2 unique ways to invest in end-of-life, off-lease or liquidated assets. The first and most simple is requesting a Deal Sheet which outlines all details of a specific transaction. The second is investing in the Assets Edge Company itself as an Angel, Private Equity, Family Office or Venture Capital Investor.

What is an asset evaluation?2024-05-06T15:30:19+00:00

An Asset Evaluation is a process where we inventory and review your capital asset inventory and the underlying service contracts and parts that make them valuable. Following this review, we provide reporting that clearly outlines what you should sell, purchase, or contracts that you should renegotiate with current vendors. In 80% of cases, the cost savings from the Asset Evaluation is 7 to 8x the cost of the evaluation itself.


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